yay taco!

I love mexican food, and I love taco.. So one day, I came across to this recipe of mango salsa for taco.. And did I say mango??? I LOVE MANGO!!! So, it sounded delicious, looked delicious. But I am the last person to cook anything and perfection never happened to me. But somehow I managed to buy one big mango for 1.75$ one avocado for .65 cents a bag of  20 ct tortillas of .88 cents last night. went home and reviewed the recipe (although I never follow them) And set up the ipad to take a video. But after 13 minutes all i was able to manage was slicing  the avocado and mango. And then..I started doubting.. may be.. I shouldn’t.. maybe I shouldn’t do this.. Because mango is a fruit and I don’t know if this will go with the taco.. :/ it sounded cool at the beginning what if all I am doing is wrong and what not..But anyway I kept doing it..and it looked delicious..I was on skype with clay for a while ..but the view wasn’t great and my parents came so I had to close it.. But whoa whoa whoa!! this is a sexy taco!! I mean look at that!! this looks awesome!! (okay! may be not that great, but for the girl who has never tried anything out of comfort food and let alone cook..this is… something)
f59cf0adb94cd521d7da167a00eeecdfa52b5f1b7548a336dbade2ada37bf577taco2And then I cooked the chicken.. and yes.. I would probably put a lot more cilantro in it next time..the amount of mango was perfect, maybe some more avocado..probably I will use lettuce and cucumber.. but at the same time..I don’t want my inside goodies to fall out of my taco… It looked cool, but it tasted divine.. I am thinking about next time mashing the mangoes with dried hot red pepper, and cilantro like a sauce.. yes? no? maybe?! If I do..I promise I will give you an update..but till then.. yummm  umm mm68ca7c5f406138253cf0f36918706cff43cf794ec5ddb1ecbbc1a95d1e5ebdf9







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