IMG_0280It’s been so long since I have written anything. There were couple nights, I took an attempt to write..But procrastination caught me. Life’s been crazy..So many events…but still nothing has changed..We have met few more times.. Christmas is knocking.. We got stockings for us.. and so many things i want to shove inside it… but oh money! we went to baby’s r us..and few more craft places..and these are the pictures of those… we also went to santas ranch..”Which I LOVED” but i am not breaking the girl’s rule..I have not stopped talking about “trail of lights” .

Me and clayton added some more extra pounds to our body.and it’s been improving.. we kept talking about losing weight and get into a healthy diet like 2 fat people…but we love food and snacking and just sleeping in.. and we like to complain.. Life is still messy..We havem’t quite figured out our future yet…but time will tell everything.






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