Weekly obsession 12/18/2013

So today in a Wednesday, in the middle of the week , I decided to share my thoughts. Currently I am obsessed with Christmas. Everything about Christmas is wonderful. I love the joy in people’s face the smiles and wrapping gifts! Like seriously, I love picking gifts for everyone. When I go to store, I look at stuff and think, “oh God! this is so (person)”. If I had more money. I would buy gifts for everyone. I like to arrange little care gifts. This year we are not going to have enough time. We probably won’t be able to see each other before Christmas. But next year we are hoping for buying brand new toys and donating and fulfill a wish from “make a wish” website.

And I am currently in love with anything that pops.Such as red flats or colorful pancake.shoe pancake

And also next year, a lot is going to happen! Clay is moving to Austin (can’t wait to cruise around downtown) decorating our tiny bitty apartment, living a healthy lifestyle and riding bikes!


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