From last couple days I have been obsessing over enchiladas. So this morning when me and my parents too a trip to “fiesta” I ran through the isles to get my ingredients. This is not really a recipe post, because if you google, you will find tons of easy and delicious way to cook enchiladas. This was my first time trying to make enchiladas. My mom never cooked anything other than south asian, and let’s just say I don’t visit kitchen often. But this was really easy and fast for me. Here’s how I did. Although I wish instead of pouring a lot of sauce at the bottom, I would put them evenly in the middle (I put 2 batch of enchiladas one top of other) but anyway they turned out fine. And next time I would probably use cheddar..But let’s not think it was bad! It’s pretty delicious! and me and clayton is meeting up this saturday and exchanging our christmas gifts! 😀 I am so excited!!

PS: they look burnt! but they aren’t really that bad! I was wishing they’d melt and be bubbly! but the cheese wasn’t right kind! and I need to get a new oven! :O20131226-151616.jpg






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