FOFW (food of few weeks)






Last few weeks have been crazy! We ate so much crazy stuff and the amount of deliciousness is kind of impossible to explain. We had stake from Outback Steakhouse, we had chicken tortilla soup,




Sushi from Japanese restaurant called lucky robot and coffee iceceam with gummy bear from Amy’s icecream, which may have been made me look like a little girl because the cashier was talking very softly and said “here you go cutie” and I swear she wasn’t an middle aged or old person.. Young hipster I would say if you want me to describe and the new test products the Doritos chips and grandmas cookie from a gas station where the cashier looked deep on my eyes “sure you don’t want another one?” Then some amazing monte cristo from a good truck called “hey you gonna eat or what?” Oh that strawberry jelly was good! And chicken and falafel wrap from the halal guys.. And I do not have picture of those so I yelped them. And did I forget to mention the FIFA offer by mcdonalds for 15$? 4 cheeseburger and mcchicken sandwich and chicken nuggets.. Not so bad of a deal.. And this morning we tried our new favorite cookie cutter of Eric cartman .. Which did not turn out well .. We blame Eric cartman’s spooky power.. finally

today we made fajita tacos.. Clayton likes his cheese and sour cream taco I like mine with fajita veggie..
And I may have bought some very unhealthy food which is stored in the fridge but life isn’t bad.


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