Home inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I have planned my whole life on pinterest. It’s a sweet addiction which is necessary right after I brush my teeth in the morning, getting ready to work, waiting, bored, before going to bed. I think that covers my every little bit of time. I have been planning a future house for me, my pinterest board is overloaded with all those pretty houses which is kind of overwhelming.. (I would seriously have to see a therapist for all the stress I would put on, if I had to choose a favorite one). I have always wanted a big house with lots of big windows! A super big library, trees, garden, tree house, secret room and what not.. I have wanted an open welcoming dreamy house. But let’s be real..todays economy isn’t gonna let me reach that goal..unless something amazing happen like a very old rich guy dies in a street and I am the only one next to him and he calls his lawyer and give me all his money (yes! I have very dark and mean thoughts in my mind.) But since, the possibility of things like that is very eee thin, I have shifted my mind to a very cool tiny houses. They are wonderful, somewhat affordable! And I can dream of living in one of them after I graduate. Yes, I cant have all those amazing luxury but also I am probably not gonna spend time and money buying big furniture. They are cute, and very homely. And if someday I can buy a big house, this can be my children’s tree house! who knows! Here’s few of my favorites!

Now tell me, did I convert you to love a tiny house and have a small cozy reading nook?

PS: I have to throw in a gaming area somewhere in there for the Mr. I will let you know, what other cool things I find. xoxo


2 thoughts on “Home inspiration

    • It is very addictive! In a way it feeds my brain with creative ideas. Although sometimes I end up with empty pocket and full of “DIY junk” which is far from perfect and I am way too discouraged to look at them so they are stuck in my storage haha! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      Ps: loving your blog.

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