FOFM (foods of the month)

This month has been crazy! I never felt so out of place In my life ever. Starting new semester, working, more debt had been crazy. But slowly but surely I plan on having a more organized and adventurous year. I will keep you updated. Here are the foods that I ate.










I ate sushi for the first time ever! And I quite like it.
This year I focus on trying new cuisines . We went to gengihs grill and had some Mongolian food. It was very good. We also went to Zoe’s kitchen in Austin, it was Clayton’s first time eating Mediterranean. If you are eating Mediterranean for the first time and not sure if you will like it or not, I say go with kebobs. You can’t go wrong with kebob. We also went to another Mediterranean cafe following week in San Marcos.
We had so many tapioca from teapioca. holly boba! (Get it?!) we got the membership card where they give you a stamp for each drink you buy and after 10 you get one free drink.
I have been obsessed with Einstein bros bangles since last semester. I love their honey almond spread. I also tried their honey,asparagus,mushroom bagel sandwich (so good). I also tried frozen caramel macchiato (it was extremely sweeter than I remember it was).
I also tried a lot of rice bowls from the “freshness”
Let me know if you want me to post a review on all the rice bowls.
We bought insane amount of frozen meat products from target using coupons. Last night I had uncle beans Spanish rice with Tyson ready to eat grilled chicken with zima tomatoes that I got from HEB. Notice the plates, they are very lightweight bpa free plastic plates and best thing about them is that they are microwave safe and dishwasher safe. What could be more convenient for a college student. I will provide the link below.
This year my plan is to eat as less carb I can and less sugar I can. It is extremely hard but I will try my best to stick to it. I had quite a few salads this month which I am very proud of. Oh and also I have been obsessed with mushrooms. There were few days where I had portabela mushroom burger, sautéed mushroom and stuffed mushroom. I am
Just as I found something that is not unhealthy and I love.
With all being said, I will keep you update with my progress and many other stuff .
Xoxo – shaila


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