Gardening Log 1

Hi there! How’s going?

Right as I am writing this, the sky got into a crazy stormy fight with someone and apparently poke a hole on its belly and since then it’s just pouring down outside. Not such a good news for the tiny spinach plant we bought from Walmart. Anyway i haven’t wrote much and thought I should write an update. At first I thought I should do the whole garden and write all at once but then I realized, it’s a long process and given I forget stuff I should write it as I go. At the end I will create a post linking all the logs and update.

Our gardening process is going very slow. We both are really really broke at this moment and I am not sure if you remember from an old post that his house is right next to a huge jungle type area. The weeds and bushes are pretty tall and the backyard was the same way. I am 5′.25″ (I like to emphasize on the extra .25″ I have) and the bushes were my knee length. And the amount of bugs,spider,ants and all kind of insects lives in that backyard is enough to create a whole new continent for them. So our first step was to cut the grass and bushes. But we didn’t have a lawn mower and didn’t want to invest on one since it’s not our permanent house, it just seemed unnecessary. We didn’t want to wait so we rented a lawn mower from Home Depot. We had to put down 75$ deposit. And with renting fee, cleaning fee and everything we ended up paying $45.36.

Because it had rained the day before, the work wasn’t as smooth as we wanted. Next times we would probably call someone from Craigslist to cut the grass.

This is the before picture. As you can see the bushes are taller than the fence.

Lawn mower on action! We took a little break as we figured out right by the fire pit which is in the middle of the backyard a rabbit family was living there and one by one 3 bunny walked away during the process. We were extra careful about not hurting them and we felt bad as we destroyed their house. We had no idea they were living rent free there! But at least they are surrounded by other bushes where they can make a new house in no time.

After picture. Yeah it’s not very nice… And we weren’t able to cut the plants around the edges but we got a weed trimmer from Amazon.

We will let you know how that’s working for us.

Our biggest concern right now is destroying the weeds and the bugs. We don’t really want to put a lot of chemicals since we plan on doing an organic garden. This coming week we are going to make a trip to Lowes get some pesticide, hopefully dig out the garden and  plant our seeds. If you know any healthy way to destroy weeds and the insects please let me know! So far we decided on jalapeños, lettuce, onions and spinach. Depending on the future we might grow other stuff. We are torn between doing a raised bed or just keep it as it is. Since we do not know how long clayton is going to be living in this house I can’t justify on spending so much money on raised bed garden. But we never know, I might change my mind. When we went to lowes last week to just look around…we found few things to mark the garden. We will make final decision this week but so far this one is our favorite

if you have any advice or tips or even best wishes, comment down below or shoot me a message!  I would really really appreciate that and maybe we can have a backyard picnic when the veggies are grown!

Till next time! Khoda Hafeez!


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