How To Move Out From Dorm

dorm_roomHello Everyone,

Hopefully you had a wonderful week. I had a somewhat good week. This week was pretty lazy. No major test or homework which means I should be using this time to studying and preparing reviews. This time is like that very calm no air flow weather right before the storm hits. I know probably from next week, I will feel VERY guilty for taking a nap, and during that time the last thing I want to do is clean up. For those of you who didn’t know I live in a dorm. Of course this is much easier to move out than moving out from an apartment, but the procedure is tedious, for any little mistake you are charged fine. If you are not being very careful the charges can add up very quickly. So I am including some tips and tricks that I am using to make my moving out process as smooth as possible.

First of all, plan everything in a month advance. If you are an amazon hoarder like me, stop buying things unless it’s absolutely necessary. Make a list of things that you will need next semester for your apartment or dorm. Make a list of things that you may not use after this semester for example, shampoo, old folders, old hot chocolate, reviews and notes from classes that you will not need (make sure your final is not cumulative). Make a list of events that you will probably be attending and check the weather, according to the weather keep one set of fancy shoes if you are going to attend any event, keep one pair of comfortable shoes and one pair of flip flops for using in room and in community shower.

Second step is to organize. If you have made a perfect list, this should be easy! Get rid of everything that you may not use, unused DIY crafts that you have been planning to do since September needs to GO from your room. You should be left with, notebooks for appropriate classes, index cards, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, highlighter, stapler, books and laptop for your study materials. Books, notebooks need to be in a big drawer and school supplies stuff needs to be in a big pouch. If you had desk organizer, this is a good time to pack those.

Third Step, If you had extra bedding and furniture, Put them in one side with all the other unused items and if possible make a trip to your parents to store them before the  move out day. You should be left with few clothes. Maybe one or two cute clothes but comfortableness is the priority now. Have just enough clothes that can fit into a luggage easily. The best way to do it is, put all the clothes you think you will need in a luggage and pack everything else in a big bag or luggage so your dresser should be empty. Get a box from your nearest grocery store (ask the produce department) and store all your decoration. Make up and cosmetics all should be able to fit in one handbag.

fourth step, pack everything and make a clear boundary between the things you are going to need for next few days and the things that can go to your parents. Wait a few days to see, if you by mistake packed something that you absolutely need. Try to make a trip to your parents or ask them to come over and put the packed things in your parents car.

Keep the list that you made to pack light for next year. Life is so much easier when you can move place in just one car, one drive.

Consider donating or throwing away things. If you bought a cute top for a concert and never bring yourself to see wearing it again but hoping that might be appropriate for some occasion, this is the time to say goodbye to that top.

After you have packed everything make sure to keep a trash bag in your room for last few days. Get some cleaning supplies such as wipes, scrubbies and stain remover to clean your room before leaving. Recycle and throw your trash away the day before you are supposed to leave. Plan it out in advance so you don’t forget last minute things.

I have been moving things for last few months little by little since I make trip to my parents every weekend, however I understand not everyone is able to do that. You can customize your move by planning it ahead. Nobody needs to worry about cleaning during final since there is a very limited time to move out right after final. If you have any comments and suggestion that you think I should include please comment below!


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