Summer Starting Kit + Movies In The Park

IMG_0217Hello Lovelies!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I wanted to talk to you all about summer. It’s almost here! As much it is fun, it sometimes puts a pressure on me, “I have to enjoy this summer and do a lot of fun things” so at the end of the summer I don’t say, “I didn’t do anything this summer :(”

Well that being said, everything about summer is getting expesnive. Anywhere you want to go costs money and if you have kids it’s no fun at all to be in a hot crowd with your kids when uncle sun seems to be as bright and as hot he could be.

I wanted to let you all know about free fun things you can do in austin or surrounding areas. DO512 has a list of events including music, movie, comedies, sports and lots of fun stuff. You can RSVP through them or even have a chance to win it.do512

Another very useful website I should name is “Free Fun In Austin” This website is everything. Not only it gives you information about free or very cheap fun things to do with your kids it also has a whole list of places where your kids can free. They also send out weekly fun date ideas. It’s amazing. Please go subscribe to always stay updated with fun things happening around Austin. It also has a very useful calender for you to check out what is happening each day.

It also has a whole list of free movies in the park. This gives you an opportunity to have picnic with your family. Go ahead few minutes before movie starts, play around the playground, ride your bike and then bring out your blanket or chairs and enjoy fun movies for free. This could also be an amazing date night ideas for couples. alamo

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is also presenting some fun free movies in the park. Go check out their website for more information.

You can also request for fun movies in your neighborhood park.


If you live around Kyle, you can also enjoy movies at the lake.

Last night me and my mom went to Dittmar Park to enjoy “UP”. It’s one of my absolute favorite movie. My mom has never been outside to watch any movie. She spends most of her time watching cooking show and Bengali dramas. I thought it would be a fun expeirence for her. So we took our folding chairs and drove to dittmar park. It was very nice and we kind of regretted not bringing any snacks. There were free popcorn for us.IMG_0216

All we had to do is fill out one survery. There were good amount of people. Not a lot that you wont be able to see or hear and not too small that you feel awkward.1We went there before sunset and waited about 30 minutes before movie start. There were families, kids and couples. I wish the screen was a little bigger but still we were able to see from the very back.

11169823_858341084211432_5467489170092484564_nFew tips for people who are interested in going.

-Bring snakcs and foods for you and your kids.

-Bring water.

-Bring pillows and lots of blankets, it tends to get colder at night and if your kid fall asleep, they will have something to feel comfy.

-Make sure that you have insect repellent.

-Bring games and other things to make your kids busy. Kids tend to get sidetracked a lot so it will be easy to keep them content.

-If you have to get up a few times, sit on the side.

Even though we had to leave early, we had a great time and I plan on attending a few more movies in the park this summer. What about you? Are you going anywhere? Do you plan on attending any movies in the park?


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