Gardening Log 2

Hello There!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Despite the weather being very grumpy, I hope you are enjoying some comfy bed time at home. I only have two more final left and I am beyond excited to start my summer break. Although I am taking a month long summer class at the community college, I am still happy to not have to worry about seven different classes. I am also looking forward to go kayaking, which seems like I have been postponing every week because of the weather. What are your plans for summer?

If you remember few weeks ago I posted my first ever gardening log . Well I am here to tell you that the project failed. we were very excited about doing the garden and putting up the boundary, that we forgot to put a weed barrier underneath. Well, lesson learned. We have so much weed growing in the garden that it’s hard to tell which veggies are actually growing. I can only tell that the okras are growing.


We didn’t want to give up yet, so we decided to take a different route. We have been reading up on container gardening which is basically gardening in container, pots that you can move. Perfect if you are renting a place or don’t want to go through all those digging and boundary. Since you are going to use potting soil, fertilizer and seed starter, it will provide the perfect soil for your veggies to grow. We bought few fabric bed from Amazon and decided to give them a try. We mixed our soil, and planted lettuce, radishes, okras, jalapenos, cilantro and red onions. We started the process last sunday which was five days ago and already the lettuce and okras growing healthily, It’s a little hard for us to tell if the radishes are growing because they were in the middle of the bag and whatever is growing in the middle looks the same as lettuces so we are assuming that few lettuce seeds might have ended up there by mistake. Next time we should use different bag but as of right now we are using these as trial.


The jalapenos and cilantros showed no sign of sprouting yet and we will stay hopeful for next two weeks. If they don’t sprout by then we will buy some cilantro plants from the grocery store as all the other seeds I mentioned are from amazon. I am not sure how can I get good seeds/plants? do you know any name brands or have any recommendation?

Today we went to target and picked up some pretty container for our plants to grow. Target makes me sad. They have so many pretty stuff, I feel really helpless when I go to target.



10dAren’t they colorful?


I am sure these are going to be a success because as you can see my fairy godmother sprinkled some fairy dust. JK! those are some ant poison I had to spread to keep ants away (don’t worry! I checked the label)

Speaking of ants, I am not sure what is wrong with this house, there are so many bugs! Everytime I come to visit, I find surprise bite mark here and there  and oh that itching!

So we decided to take a natural route to keep bugs away.


Repels moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.
Repels mosquitoes and a variety of insects harmful to vegetable plants. (I wanted it for cooking)
The scent from various types of marigolds repels aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits.
repels fleas, moths, ants, beetles, rodents, aphids, squash bugs, and the cabbage looper. (I wanted them for my morning water)
repels asparagus beetles (Also I really wanted it for cooking)
5dDepending on how they come out I would like to grow more herbs and hopefully some pretty flower. If you have any suggestion and ideas for keeping the bugs away and/or gardening advice please please leave a comment! Of Course I will keep you updated. Till then Bye!

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