FFOM:Favorite Foods Of The Month

IMG_2988 Hello there

How’s going? As of right now I am officially done with my first year of college in Texas State University. Woo!

The hardest part was probably the last few days as I was getting ready to pack my stuff, I was a bit sad to leave my schedule. As much it was hectic I was comfortable doing it and I feel absolutely vulnerable when I spend my day doing nothing which always seems to be the case at my parents. Also the last final I took was one of those, that you can either choose to take it or not, if you do take it then you have to do pretty good to get an A, or you can choose to be content with a B. And my average was 89.8! This close to getting an A…

Anyway enough about my final rant. It’s over right? Summaaaa!

So since I am going home on Wednesday, I decided to do some fun stuff over the weekend. But I am not sure why it appears as Texas has lost it’s ability to be adventurous and since last week it’s either pouring down rain or being gloomy for last few weeks and the weather channel is saying it’s going to stay the same all next week too.. [insert hopeless emoji here]  

I decided to splurge a little bit over the weekend and ate some good food. We got lucked out as when we went to the state park in Austin, the sun was shining bright and went tubing the next day when it started raining right after we left.

I apologize for not having better pictures of the park or tubing. I promise next time we go I will be sure to take lots of pictures and dedicate separate posts on them but to make it a little better I am including few pictures that friend Eric took while we were at the park.


To get in they charge you $6.00 entry fee per person. Probably that’s why it’s not as crowded. It has a pretty walking trail and if you feel like getting into the water they also have upper and lower fall. We decided to save the water fun for next time.





 We were trying to capture the flying caterpillar.


This was taken by Clay’s phone. I know I know! What was I thinking! wearing those flip flops? Well, there are few weird things about me I should say, that is I do not like close toed shoes.. I feel as if I can not breath and can’t wait to get home and take those off. As I mentioned on my moving out of dorm post that I started taking my stuff to my home since spring break, well I took most of my shoes too and were left with basic three pairs of comfortable shoes and it was a rush decision for us to go to the park and I never paid attention to what was I wearing.. I do intend to go back there sometime over the summer and take good pictures.

Okay! Enough about other stuff. Let’s get to the main stuff.. Food! This month I have had a lot of delicious treat. Since my meal swipes (the food plan you are required to buy if you live on campus) were not over, I decided to spend a little bit more time on the food courts.

These Spicy Chicken Tacos at the Den was amazing. I normally grab a burrito and run but I decided throw a little bit of cilantro and onions on top of these crunchy tacos and boy it was like street tacos.

IMG_2762 Target got us one night.. and we came  back home with this gelato…

IMG_2887 I apologize again for not providing a better quality picture and the finished results.. we went to HEB grabbed 2 big pans, some corn tortilla and few other ingredients and made chicken and beef enchiladas.. this is the chicken enchilada before going into the oven.. It was gone fast.

This was a monster burrito at free birds but we were in a hurry.


Oh! And we got a backyard swing! But because of the weather we were only able to take it outside for one day. I will post more on it with gardening update. But here we picked up some California Fries from super burrito! They are so good! One serving of this stuff fill up me and clay completely. So we grabbed some more.. again.. today..


We even tried to recreate it.. Grabbed some fajita meat, cheese and fries.. We over baked it.. The best thing to do is, cook the fajita separately and bake the fries separately, then turn off the oven and put your fajita and cheese in the pan. The heat from the oven will melt the cheese without toughening the meat.











While we were in Austin we went to GourDough’s. The inside was pretty dark and crowded so we requested to sit outside. I really liked their rustic theme.



We ordered an appetizer called the big cheez. Basically fresh mozzarella wrapped in donut dough and deep fried. I am not usually a big fan of deep dried food so next time I would probably go with the Ode to the trailer.



When food arrived it was getting pretty dark. I ordered a side of fried Brussels sprouts. They were so good!!

Whenever someone serves burger with fried eggs I have to get it. So Ron burgundy was my choice without a doubt. I enjoyed it very much and the donut dough was a nice touch. But as I mentioned not so big fan of deep fried stuff, I used my fork and kinfe to enjoy my burger without eating the donut buns.



And the different kinds of sauce should keep any hipster content and I was over the moon too.

After eating we decided to go to Amy’s Icecream as Eric has never been there and it was right across the street.


How much I regret not bringing my new camera…


The topping center and clay is getting his icecream zombie style.



Finished zombie


I got my usual coffee icecream with gummy bear. It doesn’t make sense? well it’s not out of the world combo. But they are good.


The next day we were craving BBQ. So we decided to try Kent Black’s BBQ. They have really pretty outdoor but as soon as we took our food out flies marched right at us.. so we moved inside.

Look you get to play too!! How cool is that?



I was hoping to get half chicken and half pound of brisket but we were told that they were out of chicken and turkey so we decided to get 1lb of brisket. It was delicious!


IMG_2989 well there ya go! Our favorite foods of the month. I apologize if they look all scattered and not so pretty pictures. I promise to do better job on it next time. Let me know if you have tried any of these places, how did you like it? Do you have any recommendation for us? Let me know!

Happy Summer!


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