Get Yourself Some Happiness #2


In texas we are experiencing something very unusual. Constant rain. You may have heard the saying, “if you don’t like the weather of texas, wait a few days and it will change” but this constant rain is a bit of painful for the texans. My heart goes out to people who has lost houses, valuable, friends and family in this flood. Stay Strong!

That being said I decided to book something fun to look forward to. I booked a package for cancun! Although it’s not until the spring break of 2016 but that gives me plenty of time to save up.

Also I received my “happy mail” from A Beautiful Mess. I wrote a post on my first package here. This time around I got some pretty fun stuff that I can’t wait to use and some that I don’t really care for.

1The packaging is still same and pretty.

2I love the amount of glitter they put on their products but my lighting today wasn’t cooperating. This is a beautiful card to pass on to your coworkers desk when they are not looking or if you are like me, I am probably going to put it on my board right behind my laptop.

3This postcard says it all without being too fancy. Sometimes it’s just way too formal and cheesy to send friends postcard that says “thinking about you” or “wishing you were here”

4Can’t get enough of these emoji stickers. There are so many ways to use them.. I am pretty obsessed with emojis and thinking about getting some emoji throw pillows for my dorm and this just seems perfect.

5For all the grads out there.

6This is one of my favorites. Inside it says “but I still love you” great for all those sassy couples.

7You get it right?

9Simple and pretty.

10This one looks like a science teacher’s card for her favorite student. Inside it says “you are my favorite.” May not be very appropriate.

11You are cute as buttons. I would probably write a letter on it using sharpie to give a personal touch.

12These stickers are the highlights of my week. I can’t wait to fix my polaroid and put these tiny stickers on the pictures.

13So there ya go! This month’s happy mails. You can find better pictures by going into their website. I am thinking about getting a chest to store all my stationeries. If you have any cool idea to store them somewhere fun, let me know comment below!


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