Gardening Log 3

Hello there!

If you are reading this post first of all thank you! I am not quite a fascinating writer and my posts were meant to be about my personal life. I am getting more visitors than usual in my blog and so I felt I should be more formal. Anyway! it’s been a while since I updated my garden log. Mostly because I haven’t been to San Marcos and clay is a bit lazy when it comes to taking pictures. Sadly few of my plants died before I could even see them. I blame you texas weather!

This is the cucumber plant we planted recently. We got the miracle gro seed pods and it’s going great so far.



IMG_3257It took Forrrreeeeevverrrrr for my cilantros to see the sunshine, just like hulu’s commercial but once they did, they are growing like crazy.



So proud of them! My marigolds are doing great! I will be honest, I didn’t think they will grow so I planted them close to each other which I regret a bit now. But we learn from our mistakes!







IMG_3424By the time you read this post the flowers already bloomed/ But clayton is in corpus at this moment, so it will take a day or two to get the pictures. I waited about 3-4 weeks to write this post and didn’t want to wait any longer so as soon I get them I will update them here and retitle the post as updated.




Palm radishes grew finally! I am so happy! (yep, things like that get me very excited hence the extreme amount of exclamation points taking over my life, sentences mostly)


IMG_3394And there are my okras!


I am feeling a bit stupid as I have no idea what those plants are :[

IMG_3428And this is the venus fly trap in clayton’s mario mug that I got him for his birthday last year!



IMG_3422I promise I will update asap if i see any changes. My lettuces didn’t survive the 4 days of unbearable heat in texas. They have my condolences.

But today after I got off of work I found these pretty things in the corner.


They were actually 2.99$. It was a nice little surprise at the checkstand.


I picked up two of them but few flowers came off… That made me sad…


Just incase you wanted to know what kind is that.


I ran to target to get some pots and soils, and another pleasant surprise! The pots that we bought for $3.49 last time were on clearance. (I know it says 2.49 was the last price, they might have lowered the price after we bought them)

IMG_3549They are so beautiful! Looking at them feels like disney musical.


My mom asked me to put them right next to her pepper plant. That somehow reminds me of beauty and the beast.

That was my garden log. I hope one day I will look back to these posts and laugh at my amatuer self. Hopefully by that time I will have a nice little (or big) garden.

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