Very Personal Bucket List


You probably don’t know that I am single now. Just one stick figure in this whole big world. We just changed too much to carry on the same bundle of feelings that we built together. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about us anymore, let’s talk about me! If there’s one thing I realized after this that is I am very alone. No, not really. I still have friends. But I never had the bestie to just call and go hangout, or talk to with my heart open, or show something interest I found on the internet. I struggle with anxiety when I want to go see something new. I don’t have enough confidence in me to go to the adventures alone. This is probably the very long lasting and hard reality that I will face for the long time. So I made me a list of things I want to accomplish not to fit in a perfect romantic picture with someone but because I have always wanted to.

1. Learn how to ride a bike.

2. Learn how to swim (this one may be the last one to get done)

3. Go camping (I asked if anyone wanted to go, nobody replied so I figured I should do this my own)

4. Visit a country or different state by myself.

5. Go out to eat somewhere by myself.

6. Focus on cooking new things.

7. And if all those work out, then maybe I will join a meetup group.

So far these are the all the things I added, we will see how it works out.


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