Camping at Meridian

So do you remember last time I told you that I plan on camping at all the state parks in Texas? Well I figured I gotta get moving with that list since Texas isn’t tiny. Our plan was to go to mustang state island which is right by the beach. The weather has been sunny and cold at night so it seemed like a perfect time. But just the day before we found out there’s a red tide and I don’t know about you, but I definitely wouldn’t like to spend my day off with dead fish. We hurried to find another campsite that’s not way too far. After few hours of searching we settled on Meridian state park. Most parks were reserved already.

We didn’t organize  our camping stuff very well. So we bought some chips, salsa, bananas, batteries for lantern, water, travel size shampoo and a rotassire chicken. We couldn’t find our lantern+fan but figured it was in our car and we rolled with it. We still had few travel size toiletteries from last time so that worked out. The ride was pretty pleasant other than a weird 30 minutes of heavy rain and a full stop traffic in the middle of the road for construction. My gps had few minor difficulties. I lost my phone signal completely as soon we got to meridian. We camped near the corner but we didn’t have as much privacy as McKinney falls. We opened up our instant tent and found our lantern inside lit up!! Seriously, it’s been more than a month and I was quite surprise that the battery was still going strong. We changed the battery out to turn the fan on but the fan gave up on us

   luckily, it wasn’t hot and humid and towards the end of the night we actually got pretty cold. This time we didn’t take our air mattress and got ourself some sleeping bags. They were pretty cheap ones so it wasn’t as cushiony as I would like it to be. Next time we would have to get some sleeping pad and lots of blankets. We slept pretty good that night.
The park itself is pretty small. It’s great for fishing and kayaking. We talked about getting kayak boats although I don’t see it happening soon since none of our car is too big and it’s very less likely we will be back at this park again. It’s a decent park but not great enough to travel about 2hrs and 30 minutes to camp when we could find something new.


 We went for a small hike to the scenic overview on the very same day. It was beautiful. The next morning after we woke up we went for a full hike and hiked about 2.6 miles. On our way we saw a huge snake family which was a bit scary. Good thing we didn’t see them the day before. Sleeping at night would’ve been a torture. On our way back we stopped by a place called “burger and wok.” We went inside and failed to see the Chinese menu part of it. It was taken off for some reason. So we got ourself fritto pie and burgers and  coffe icecream and double dragon( tso chicken and sweet n sour chicken) to go (icecream had the flavor but it had a bits of little chewy chunky things, sort of if you tried to make a dough and the starch didn’t mix well , that kind) other foods were okay.

The next day was Saturday and Austin was having their pecan street festival. We took a bus to downtown to see it.

 We got ourself funnel cake (delicious!!) we didn’t buy anything and just walked around. We ended up walking from 6th street to Barton spring road and went to sandys to get icecream.

We got back from the festival tired and happy. It was a happy weekend.


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