Quick, Easy and Delicious Breakfast


Breakfast became a luxury for me since I started school. I drag myself out of bed around 7 in the morning to go to work by 7:30. If I am fortunate enough to pull myself out of the bed right when my alarm goes off, I will go to the Einstein Bros to get me a morning coffee. I used to be a big fan of their blueberry bagel with honey almond spread but lately I am not craving it as much and if I am not craving something as much I don’t see the point of taking in extra calories. On my way back from work sometimes I will grab a breakfast burrito and go straight to class. After class I will get home and eat everything inside of the burrito and throw away the tortilla.

I recently purchased a microwavable egg maker. It’s similar to making egg in a mug. But this is absolutely adorable and keeps the inside very moist rather than drying it out and sticking to the inside wall. I had bought frozen fajita veggies last week and I decided to saute them in the pan to give a little crunch. Then I put  2 beaten eggs in the egg maker and the fajitas. Covered them and cooked for 1 minute and then again 30 seconds. It came out perfect.


Recently someone introduced me to french toast. Well I always knew they existed but never really wanted to try them. My first attempt was to cook them at home. I used Texas Toast and soaked them for a little longer so they came out mushy. I would rather have a mushy sweet bread than tasting plain bread but some might disagree and argue that’s not french toast. On sunday when I got back to my dorm from Austin I bought some very cheap round top bread from heb, eggs and a small vanilla mocha coffee creamer. I know you are supposed to use milk but trust me on this one. Then I did what you are supposed to do. Mix egg and creamer (or milk if you are boring) and dipped my bread into it and fried them. I forgot to grab a syrup or honey so I ended up eating it by itself. But it was already very sweet from the creamer, didn’t even need a syrup. I highly recommend you trying out french toast with creamer than milk. I haven’t tried it out with coconut creamer or soy creamer so can’t tell you anything about them but if you decide to try, let me know!


So there you have it my fancy easy and quick breakfast that I will most likely be eating during 7pm instead of 7am.


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