Food Truck Friday


How are you doing? I just got back from “walk to end Alzheimer’s” and it was fun! Much needed positivity before I jump into midterms. I got my face painted for the first time, ate bbq taco from food truck and got lost few times. On wednesday I went to a laughter yoga in west austin and oh my god! how did I not know about this? So much fun!

I really really wanted to try some more mediterranean place so yesterday we looked up mediterranean food place on yelp and decided to try aimee’s super fantazmo. After we ordered our food my partner in crime pointed out at the cheesecake food truck and said “maybe they will have coffee flavored cheesecake!” I hope you know me well enough to understand any coffee dessert and me is kind of inseparable. I didn’t think there will be a coffee flavored cheesecake but out of three cheescake options one of them were mocha cheesecake (I KNOW!!!!!!) We had dessert before we had our dinner.

  We were still pretty hungry so when we got served our food, we jumped into it like a fat kid in mcDonalds. It was delicious. I couldn’t finish the mixed rice plate so I brought it home with me and had a second dinner. (what? you guys don’t have second dinners? you are cray cray!)

The pictures don’t do justice but there were so much food and so much protein. For the first time in my life I hoped for just a little bit less food so I could mix them together without dropping  food everywhere.

We then saw this ^^.

Tis the season to be basic is all I have to say. Anything pumpkin has gone basic for me (not pumpkin pie.) I expected guys in their skinny jeans and J crew sweater with perfectly placed beanie holding these but there weren’t that many people. I took one sip of it and it tasted plain nasty. Never liked alcohol anyway but others who did like it didn’t enjoy it either.
 This is an attempt to recreate buzzfeed’s BTS cake. It didn’t turn out to be as tasty… but again, nothing can be less tasty if you put oreos, cookie dough and brownie batter.


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