Today was a good day

Growing up I have always seen my mom put her hair in bun few times a day and the way she did it left me mesmerized. She didn’t use any hair tie, ribbon, clip or anything and in my tiny brain I couldn’t figure out how she does it. I tried tying knots in my hair but it never stayed. After many months of unsuccessful attempt I told myself only adults can do it. It somehow became the symbol of being responsible and an entry gift of adulthood. Few months ago when I kept zipping my hair in the backpack I realized it was time to master the skill of no accessory hair bun. The secret is to have very dull hair, the kind that you have 1 day after shampooing or when you come home from a walk through a foggy street.

That’s not the only thing that reminded me I was somewhat adult (and I promise it has nothing to do with my coming birthday this January) I had lunch with two of my favorite teachers from high school. They are the most amazing people I have ever met. Quite frankly, I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met them. They infused loads of confidence in me and pointed me in the right direction. They were always very kind and I felt very comfortable around them. I would take my lunch up to Mr. Blackwood’s class, even when I didn’t have him as my teacher. I always loved how everyone hung out in his room, students that never had him would come to class and ask lollipops from him. On Fridays he would bring brownies. Mrs. Wasiak has always looked out for me outside of just the class curriculum. She has told me about different opportunities that I should take and I did take them and so grateful I did. I enjoyed her classes and I remember she was the first one to introduce me to spinach and cheese ravioli (I am not sure if it was ravioli or tortellini, but it was some sort of spinach and cheese stuffed pasta) that she brought into class. It’s one of my favorite. I love them and can not explain in words how wonderful it was to catch up with them. I hope to keep in touch with them.

Another note on doing the adult thing, I am itching to do a project for few months and while I was in school, I said I would do it when I don’t have school and now that I don’t have school I couldn’t think of one useful and easy to do project. If you don’t know already I am getting my own apartment this coming summer and since it’s not a student housing apartment I will need to have my own furniture. I don’t want to make a bunch of big purchases so after carefully thinking I decided to remove a few items from my shopping list. As a student it is very useful to have your own writing desk. An area dedicated to studying. But knowing myself, the only place that I study the most is on my bed. I do not like sitting down in one place for a long period time and it seemed like a waste of space to get a writing desk. I know we would be getting a dining table because years of eating on my bed while I watch cooking videos led to too many dirty bed sheets, overeating without acknowledging and no quality time with family and food. And since I am not going to have a party or people over constantly I could just study on my dining table, but it didn’t seem right to store my books and other stuff on it. I still wanted the dining table to have the traditional dining table appeal. So, I started hunting for my options and after few hours of searching, drinking a gallon of tea and munching on crabs I decided on a small kitchen cart. I could roll it around from living room to bedroom, bedroom to dining room, dining room to the balcony and yeah of course in the kitchen. It’s small so it takes less space, I could put all my books and notebooks on the shelves and I can put my pens, scissors and other school supplies in the drawer.
It was a little hard to find something that did not look very much kitchen cart-y and weren’t expensive. So I bought a cheap kitchen cart and decided to spray paint it white. So this is currently what my floor looks like, I will post another blog post when it’s done to show the final product.



Overall today was a good day, getting some project done, meeting some of my favorite people and a very relaxed day.


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