I don’t believe in karma!

12946805_1024433474268858_657582552_oIt’s been awhile since I posted anything. I realized that my life isn’t all that interesting and nobody is going to listen to me talking about my uninteresting life. Then what’s the point of talking correct?
Well, sometimes it’s just good to talk to yourself on the internet and imagine tons of cheerful people on the other side are mesmerized by your take on life. It’s also a good and somewhat healthy way to procrastinate as I should be studying for my Business Law exam right now. I am highly caffeinated right now and need to talk about some weird philosophy so I can calm down and go back to studying.
I don’t believe in Karma. Well, what I mean by that is that, I don’t exactly believe in the you get what you do system. Let me explain that in detail. Since we were little, we were told, if you are good, you will be rewarded. Now the reward system, definitely varies on your parents, and often time the reward was purely mythical such as “if you go to bed, we will go to Mickey mouse land and play with daffy duck.” I even used that on my little cousins, hoping they would forget about it when they wake up or I could just say we did go to Mickey land and she forgot about it. Statements like, “oh! don’t you remember when Tweety bird blew you a kiss and gave you a yo-yo?” Surprisingly they would act along with me and venture on their imaginary land. I mean come’on now! we were in crowded Dhaka where Mickey mouse is only available on TV or by the footpath vendor for 25 cents.
I went off track. Sorry about that! My point is that we grow up with the reward and punishment system just to feel good! Oh, she stole my lunch, karma will bite her back! when in reality she might get in trouble in the future for something completely unrelated and I accept the unfairness by saying she will get her punishment someday. There’s nothing wrong with this as it’s completely nonviolent. But as we grow up and we see the same people can always get away with doing the bare minimum and praise for their work, while others can work their bottom off and still don’t get recognized. We see that every single day and then we get depressed.
Shouldn’t we be taught to do good things because it’s good, instead of what comes from it? Shouldn’t we cherish that special feeling for making someone happy or doing a something good for the world? For being productive?
I do believe in combined result though. That is, if we all try our best to be good to each other instead of being a smart mouth all the time, or just trying to point out other people’s flaws we probably can make the world better. And saying I will be good is one step closer to that mutual goal. It is way more effective than telling someone they are wrong. Don’t tell someone to pick up the trash they threw onto the street, they might do it, but they will hate you for putting them on the spot, people are defensive by default. Just go around them and pick it up. If they see, it they will probably get embarrassed, but wont make the same mistake again. If anybody else see the whole thing, they might change too!
Lately what I have been doing is whenever my blood starts rushing and I write a whole essay on humanitarianism on a Facebook post, I try my best to go back on to that comment and delete it. One less chaos into the world and my view is still intake and those people will grow up.



Disclaimer: This post does not take away my right to say “that’s karma for you” to my friends, family and coworkers.


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