I was listening some old Hindi music that came out in late 90’s, early 2000. They fueled my pre-teen and early teen years. Not sure because of the teen hormones or something else they meant so much. When I listen to them they take me to a special place. I crave that strong emotion I used to have. The strong interest to be noticed, be someone. Pretending to be the protagonist of some romantic novel, and the ability to be in such a haze in a busy or quiet street without a care for the world.

Image result for indian street painting
“In these days my heart’s saying to decorate my dreams, to live at last…
It says even I have the permission, to fall in love. ..”
I tried to translate a song called “in dino” from the movie “Life in a Metro” the translation doesn’t do it justice.
It’s amazing how much I dreamt of becoming an adult and now that I am.. it’s nothing I expected.

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