Hello there!

This is shaila! I am so glad that you decided to pay a visit to my blog. My handwriting is terrible so I never kept a journal. But online seemed like a good idea. If you have absolutely no idea who the heck is this “shaila.” I am a college student. Born in Bangladesh, moved to United States in a hot summer day of 2010. I live in Austin- San Marcos area. Texas seemed to influenced me quite a bit. I say “yall” pretty frequently. If you want to know a little bit more about me see the commonly asked question about me (I am not that popular to get “commonly asked question” but that’s what the cool people says right?)

Your name is saila? or shaila?

-Well see, what happened is when I was moving to united states in the process, someone forgot to put a “h” in my name with few other important details. I don’t mind it as much, it sparks a conversation when people try to pronounce it and I like that. So I am keeping it.

What do you do?

-I am a fulltime student in Texas State University. I also work on campus and in a grocery store. I also like to take naps and eat food.

What is so interesting about you?

-I am a plain jane. There is absolutely nothing about me that I find interesting. I am not crafty (my success rate of pinterest project is 13%. Thanks to the DIY sharpie mug). I am pretty awkward and shy, but if you do talk to me, I am kind of hard to handle. I like gardening, cooking. I absolutely love mexican food and doing henna.If I were to choose my bff Zooey Deschannel would be my bff.

So..Your boyfriend?

-This is kind of controversial (as controversial as it can get in my life.) He is white and I am brown. Not really accepted in my family and I am hoping they will accept us someday. I am still with my family and maintaining a relationship. I don’t think I need to force my parents to accept me and my choice right away. Like everything this needs time too. I would really appreciate if you could keep religion out of here. I am faithful to my belief of loving people equally and treating them equally. And that is all you need to know if you care that much.

Your english is horrible!

-That wasn’t a question. But I am sure you might have thought about that while reading. I agree, I am no pro in English. It’s not my first language and often when I write, I am very excited and don’t pay much attention. Feel free to leave any suggestion if you think it’s getting very annoying to read.(Also if you read my blog in an accent, that’s kind of fun! Nobody is trying to be perfect here.)

If you are not yet satisfied with my generic “about me” page. Feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me a message. Really! I would love to be your friend.

Also, I would love to know about you! If you want to share your post, your life story or literally anything (like, how much writing paper sucks.) Just send me a message or leave a comment with your info, I will get back to you.


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