Shredded Garlic

Happy Turkey Day! Hope you had an amazing, tummy stuffing holiday. For me, I came home from work with a fever and terrible unknown back pain. I feel very bad for thanksgiving for some reason this American holiday seems a little cursed apart from the tragic event that led to this holiday but also how this holiday is right before finals and do we need to talk about black Friday? Not judging you for getting that thing you got waiting in that long line, because I totally did too. My mother had been crying for a toaster oven because it’s energy efficient plus she hates how every time she has to take out all the pots and pan she stores there (Have I mentioned how smart she is about every little household things, or is it normal?)

So we went to Walmart and jcpenney to get a toaster oven and I also got a slow cooker. While I was waiting in the line, I was thinking how good it feels to have the financial freedom to want something to buy? (Not literally buying, because come on now! My dad never gave me a small loan of 1 million dollars) but knowing I could dream about it makes me feel a lot better.

I remember growing up not having any choice over what I wanted. My parents have always been very big on saving money, so instead of cheaply made sparkly hot pink backpack I had a camouflage backpack, which would hide the dirt. Mind you, I was not in Texas so that did not make me really happy. My parents told me the sparkly ones break in a few months and sure they did, but I thought that was a good thing, I mean they get to buy a new one with extra cool stuff and they did too. My dad has always been smart about making purchasing decisions, my mom? Sorta… sometimes it’s hard to argue with her when she is set on going to the other Walmart 25 minutes away because they might have the 3$ cheaper toaster oven. She also sucks just a little with American cooking; After discussing for two and a half day we settled on instead of me wanting to cook a whole turkey, I will cook a whole chicken and she can cut the turkey to make curry. I brought all the things needed to cook my herb lemon garlic-y chicken.



^^ Okay I know that’s not the prettiest looking chicken, but trust me it smelled good and I blame the knife to for not being able to chop the herbs finely. I stuck half of a lemon and some garlic cloves inside too.

After baking it, I put it on top of the counter and went back to my bedroom to read “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time” (Pretty hooked) and I fell asleep.

I woke up to find very well shredded chicken on the table and my baked chicken was nowhere to be found. Turns out my mother had taken the extra step to lower my workload. I was pretty upset for not being able to take a nice picture, but maybe was more upset to find whole garlic cloves in my bite. I asked her, “Did you take out the stuff from inside the chicken?”
“Well, I made a salad with the leaves (herbs) and squeezed the lemon juice on top”

[rolls eyes] “and what about the garlic cloves?”

“What? I didn’t see any”

The cloves were juicy and blended with shredded chicken. I tried my best to pick them out.

Oh! Forgot to mention! I got a french press and coffee grinder, my room smells pretty divine now 🙂




Food Truck Friday


How are you doing? I just got back from “walk to end Alzheimer’s” and it was fun! Much needed positivity before I jump into midterms. I got my face painted for the first time, ate bbq taco from food truck and got lost few times. On wednesday I went to a laughter yoga in west austin and oh my god! how did I not know about this? So much fun!

I really really wanted to try some more mediterranean place so yesterday we looked up mediterranean food place on yelp and decided to try aimee’s super fantazmo. After we ordered our food my partner in crime pointed out at the cheesecake food truck and said “maybe they will have coffee flavored cheesecake!” I hope you know me well enough to understand any coffee dessert and me is kind of inseparable. I didn’t think there will be a coffee flavored cheesecake but out of three cheescake options one of them were mocha cheesecake (I KNOW!!!!!!) We had dessert before we had our dinner.

  We were still pretty hungry so when we got served our food, we jumped into it like a fat kid in mcDonalds. It was delicious. I couldn’t finish the mixed rice plate so I brought it home with me and had a second dinner. (what? you guys don’t have second dinners? you are cray cray!)

The pictures don’t do justice but there were so much food and so much protein. For the first time in my life I hoped for just a little bit less food so I could mix them together without dropping  food everywhere.

We then saw this ^^.

Tis the season to be basic is all I have to say. Anything pumpkin has gone basic for me (not pumpkin pie.) I expected guys in their skinny jeans and J crew sweater with perfectly placed beanie holding these but there weren’t that many people. I took one sip of it and it tasted plain nasty. Never liked alcohol anyway but others who did like it didn’t enjoy it either.
 This is an attempt to recreate buzzfeed’s BTS cake. It didn’t turn out to be as tasty… but again, nothing can be less tasty if you put oreos, cookie dough and brownie batter.


Get Yourself Some Happiness

IMG_0201Hello Lovelies!

Hope you guys had a wonderful week and maybe planning something amazing for the weekend. If you are like me maybe you are getting ready for finals and just can’t wait for summer break. I am with you..

The last week of school is really important. Sometimes it can break you or make you. Even though you may feel like throwing everything out the window and just get on a camper it’s best to tame yourself around this time and calmingly get through this. Even if you are not going to school, maybe you are working and have very little time for yourself, maybe you are a stay home mom and kind of freaking out thinking your kids are going to be home all day for summer. Well, I want to introduce you to Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess. These ladies are amazing and so so creative!

This subscription will mail you some wonderful items each month. If you are one of those very sweet nice people who likes to give gifts to everyone this is for you. Or maybe you are such a nice person that you should treat yourself with some surprise happy treat each month. Maybe you are a teacher and always like to have a stash of pretty items in your desk. I had an amazing teacher who would stamp our paper everyday and at the end of six weeks whoever had all their paper stamped were allowed to pick something from her magic basket. She had candies, cute pens, lights and many other cool stuff. You can do the same for your students for gettin A’s or being nice.

Without further due let’s start! You can watch a whole video of them showing each product on their website but I just wanted to give my honest input.


The packaging is very simple and sweet. It has a personal touch into it without going overboard. The package is very sterdy and full of happiness. It doesn’t come with that red heart stamp, I just wanted to hide my address.

IMG_0169It is a Days of the Week Notepad. I think it’s great! If you are a college student you can write down your homework and assignments due, I am going to use it to write down the schedule for finals. If you are starting a new meal plan, this is  also a great way to write them down. I am not so much of a calender person although I really need to become one, I think having a cute, fun and colorful notepad will encourage me to use it more.

IMG_0188I am not sure what am I going to do with it. It is a really cool print. And the color comibnation is great! This will be a wonderful addition to your scrapbook. I am thinking about framing it and put it up on my new dorm next year.

IMG_0189This one is a very fun and a silly one. You can slide it into your husband or kiddos lunch and it will sure make them smile.

This one is probably my favorite! It’s the perfect summer theme card. If I decide to spoil “someone” I may make those chocolate chip rainbow colored pancakes and have a little ramekin of sprinkles on a breakfast tray with this card. It will make a wonderful mothers day surprise too!

IMG_0193Are you obsessed with   emojis too? This is a perfect random gift for your bestfriend if you want to cheer them up before the finals.


I really like the sparkly medicine pills. If my pills were like that I would chug them every day. I don’t think I want to give this to anyone, well not only that I don’t want anyone to get sick in the first place but also this is so pretty! Actually I think next time me and my boyfriend get into a fight and I “burn” him with my extrarordinary choice of jokes or his mistakes from past and feel bad afterwards, this might be my savior to show “I feel bad, but don’t want to show it.”

IMG_0192This postcard is so adorable! Send it off to your friends, family who lives in a cold city. If you are going on a camping and want to send it to one of your friend who couldn’t come, that might just make their day!

IMG_0196This one is great! It’s quirky and fun with that vintage car. I am kind of in love with aqua recently so this was one of my favorite in the package.

IMG_0198Haha! This one seems like a great card to pin on your friend/boyfriend/husband’s desk when you are trying to annoy the fun out of them.

IMG_0200And piggies! they are adorbs! and I am sure you have someone whose birthday is coming up.

IMG_0194I am going to put this one on my fridge door. Everytime I open my fridge and there’s nothing to eat, this one might just get me through the next fourteen minutes.

Well there ya go! Let me know what are you going to plan on doing with these? any fun special idea? Which one was your favorite? Are you subscribe to any fun subscription box? Let me know all about it.